MnDOT Safe Routes to School Planning 2023 - 2024


Minnesota Safe Routes to School is an effort to improve walking and bicycling conditions for our youth and encourage more active lifestyles. The Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT), along with many other partners across the state, are working together to help schools and communities develop Safe Routes to School programs. See more about Minnesota Safe Routes to School at the Resource Center.

This project website is meant to be a resource for the communities awarded Safe Routes to School 2023-2024 Planning Assistance:

Local SRTS teams and partners can use this website to access materials and resources throughout the SRTS planning process. There are various entities involved in the planning process; the following descriptions summarize each group, for reference:

  • Consultant Team: Alta Planning + Design staff that are supporting the planning assistance efforts for the 2023-2024 school year
  • SRTS Team: The local multidisciplinary school- and/or community-based teams, responsible for providing expertise, guidance, local communication, and support for this planning effort
  • SRTS Team Leader: The primary person (or persons), in each community, responsible for coordinating the SRTS Team, working closely with the Consultant Team, and fulfilling the obligations of the planning grant
  • SRTS Partners: RDCs and other agencies or groups interested in planning for SRTS in Minnesota
  • MnDOT Staff: Safe Routes to School Program staff

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