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School Safety Messaging

Image of two posters. The poster on top is green and says "Let's bike together" in black letters. The poster on the bottom is red and says "let's watch out for each other" in black letters.

School Safety Messaging campaigns are an effective way to build awareness around students walking and biking and to encourage safe driving behavior among caregivers and passersby. A School Traffic Safety Campaign can use media at or near schools – such as posters, business window stickers, yard signs, and/or street banners – to remind drivers to slow down and use caution around schools and in places where students live. This type of campaign can also address other specific hazards or behaviors, such as walking or bicycling to school, school bus safety, and/or caregiver drop-off and pick-up behavior.

Target Audience
Elementary, middle school, caregivers, neighbors

Campaign, information for caregivers and drivers

Improved walking/bicycling safety behavior, improved driving safety behavior, youth empowerment
Increased walking, increased bicycling, increased transit use, increased carpooling
Understanding of health and environmental connections

Discussion Questions
What type of messaging resonates most with you?

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